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Hello, my name is Subhash, I am 38 years old, my stock market career is ten years, I started trading since 2008-2009. I started losing a lot from 2010 to 2011 but I did not endurance, I read the stock market book. Even with the trading and also, and the result was also getting started, til 2013 my loss was complete,

Now I had a new strategy within me, so I want to share my stock holding and swing trading experience with you through my website (stockgr).

  • Global Pandemic
  • Political effect.
  • Relations with other countries.
  • News.
  • Global market.
  • Weather.
  • Dollar price.
  • Crude oil.
  • Market demand.

It’s a big factor in the stock market,

It is very important to understand all these ground analyses and technical analysis,

Now I totally depend on the stock market and blogging, and I want to tell or teach the same thing to the people.

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NOTE- I’m not registered with SEBI.

Stock market investment is subject to risk.

This website is for education purposes only.


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